Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Mini Barn

In my, not so lovely backyard, I have this giant shed that looks like a miniture barn. I don't know what the old home owners were thinking. It's so close to the back of my garage and does not have a cement base. Because of this, some lovely critters have decided to call it home. Luckily, they do not live far as I know. (Ok, now I am grossed out) After testing a couple different colors, we decided to try the new Behr paint with primer already mixed in.

We also purchased a roller that could handle rough surfaces. Once we got started, it was a breeze! We could of lived with one coat, but two really showed off the color.

This is just baby steps in improving our eye soar of a backyard, but it did help. We were almost done when we ran out of paint. Later on, in god-knows-when-land, I would like to improve the inside with paint and make it a potting shed. For now, it will just be our storage area for the winter and home for unwanted guests.

Here are the befores and afters:


Soaring Hawk said...

Holy Shnikeys, this looks great!

Danielle and Clint said...

Awww...Thanks Jay! See, the yard is getting better with time

Anonymous said...

What a difference! I love the new color...the green really pops against it.