Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top This!

As I had mentioned before, my best friend is getting married on August 28th. As a wedding gift to her and her soon to be husband, I have decided to make her a guest book, featuring photos of the lovely couple through out their relationship for all to sign, and the cake topper for their cake.

What a dying art, cake toppers. It is not something you see too often anymore. What is seen more now a days is flowers all over the cake. (courtesy of theknot.com) Don't get me wrong. This look is, of course, beautiful and elegant, but doesn't say what I want it to for them. Personal touches are what makes the memories for me.

For our wedding we had used my grandparents cake topper that was 62 years old. It was so special and when I look at the pictures of it, I get teary eyed. I wanted my best friend to have this feeling when she passed down hers. So I gave her some options. What we came up with was a letter on top. She is very proud of her soon to be last name. Here is what I found on etsy.com from etsy.com user Justtoppers for her to use only it will be the letter G.

There were several other ideas I ran past her like this from esty.com user baumbirdy

or this from etsy user mosey.

My favorite was this one from etsy.com user amadalebel.

But in the end, I feel she made the right choice for her cake. Now, when she has a son, this can be passed down and be a rememberance of how long and committed the couple has been to each other.