Friday, July 10, 2009

Wedding Crazy!

Lord, have I been busy this summer!! What's taking up all my time? Well, it's my best friend's wedding. She is due to get married on August 28 of this year and I am the maid of honor. Both the bride and groom are very dear to my heart. I had introduced them to each other years ago. A couple years ago, the groom introduced me to Clint (my husband)! Now, we are one big happy "friend" family!

For my wedding, I hardly had time to be as creative as I would of liked. I almost feel that I neglicated my own wedding due to unexpected events. So her wedding is making up for mine and I am loving it! I feel like me again!

One project I have been working on is her table numbers. The happy couple are going to have pictures of themselves holding the numbers for each table. Here are a few previews:

I just photoshoped the numbers in instead of creating boards for each number. Now, I know this is not an original idea, but these two are the perfect couple to pull it off with their personalities. We had a blast creating these images and also added personality to the tables for the reception.

I couldn't have photographed a cuter pair and I know the guests will enjoy it!