Monday, May 18, 2009

Holy rats

It's official! I have rats living in my backyard. Since I had never seen any, I wasn't 100%. Well, the company that set up traps in my backyard, B&B Wildlife Removal, caught a rat in my garage. Ugh. The woman for the company said that it was a roof rat, common in Michigan.

I guess the city of Royal Oak, MI has had this problem for some years. I called the city and was basically told that they do nothing to help the problem. They use to a couple years ago, but I have to patrol my neighborhood and the surrounding businesses to see if anyone might be contributing to the problem. She mentioned sitting water and dog droppings are two sources for the rats. First off...ewww! Second, I am sure a lot of people have sitting water in their yards right now and dog droppings every day. I have come to the conclusion that this problem probably will not go away.

I am a little disappointed in the city for not helping with the problem. I pay pretty high taxes and try very hard to keep my proporty neat. There are foreclosed homes around my neighborhood that may not be helping the problem. I guess I will just have to try extra hard to keep the yard cleaned up.

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heather s. said...

Ugh. Sorry the city isn't going to help out. Do you live near the RR tracks? I heard that area has a higher than average number of rats.

heather s.