Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Only a Breeze away!

Taking a break from the rat mess (actually my husband is dealing with that), I have been focusing my attention on my breeze way. Now, I am not completely finished, so this will just be a sneak peak. I painted the walls a pretty deep blue color that a co worker didn't have a use paint,score! As I started to work at the small details, I noticed that I really needed new plate covers (guess that is what you would call them).


First off, they didn't all match. Some were metal and some were plastic, but they were all dark brown. Not a big deal really, but wait till you see the difference! I went to Home Depot to get new plate covers. At first, I was going to do the stainless steel look. But then I noticed these gray, plastic ones. The best part...$.44 People! Check out the new and improved look!

Maybe you don't see it, but small things like this really make my day. They hardly look like eye soars now and they all match.

So I thought I would just show off my excitment and give a teaser to the new breeze way.

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