Monday, May 11, 2009

Animal Kingdom

O boy. How do I begin this... Well, as you may know, I am a HUGE animal lover. Well, not all animals, but most I love. What I thought would be a harmless squirrel problem has turned into a mouse and possible rat problem! I found a great company, B&B Windlife, that will remove the squirrel from the ceiling in my garage and set it free to organizations that they work with. Then they came out and discovered it was not just a simple squirrel removal. The rats might be living under our shed in our backyard. Behind my shed is my compost bin! AHAHAHHHA! Not the compost!

So now, several problems have came out of this. I can not start our garden until I get this situation resolved and who knows how long this will be! I thought about trapping the rats, but I do not feel comfortable releasing them to the wild, being that they are nasty animals that will probably just live under someone elses shed. So I think snap traps are it.

Don't hate me God, but it's the only way!

Anyone else know a better way? Posion is out of the question. I have doggie babies that I don't want getting sick. HELP!


shclin said...

Snap traps are the best, got rid of the mice problem in the kitchen. Good luck!

heather s. said...

Hi! Found you via my blog (athomewithh) and noticed you live in Royal Oak! We are neighbors (I'm in Berkley)! Luckily I've never had rat problems, but if you ever need a humane way to catch animals ask the city of Royal Oak. Berkley gives its residents a trap (for FREE) to use to capture any animals and I know Ferndale does the same so I'd assume RO does something similar. They then take care of disposing of the animal for you. I caught a large opossum and they took it out of my yard and released it somewhere 'in the wild.' Good luck getting rid of your critters!

jay pelc + associates said...

There is a way using plastic cups, nylons and a type of chemical, it's not edible poison but more of a smelling repellent for the ones that live in the garage. We call them mice bombs and you hang them from the ceiling or rafters so no pets can get near them.