Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a Breeze!

So, we have this darling little room off of our kitchen that attaches to our garage. It was an add on some time in the homes past. The only problem is the room is not heated, therefore we do not use it in the winter. So I consider it a summer room, like a closed in porch. Last year, I got sick of the white walls and painted them blue. Now, I am busy refinishing chairs. My boss had given me a cute table and chairs set when I first moved into the home. Slowly, I have been making them over. I spray painted them white and found some great fabric on from BigSis2 . What do you think?




heather s. said...

Love them! That fabric is amazing!

M-I-L said...

Danielle What a beautiful idea. I'm so honored. And thank you for the feedback. My Etsy Shop is on vacation because I AM. You are very creative and I'm thrilled to see the fabric finally being used for something this amazing.


M-I-L said...

Is it ok for me to link to this from by blog and post the picture?