Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bachlorette Party Planning

Being the Matron of Honor for my best friends wedding, one of my jobs includes planning the bachelorette party. In some cases, this can be a sticky situation for bridesmaids. Not everyone will agree with your decision in the wedding party or has different beliefs. This was the case in this situation. Therefore, only two of the bridesmaids (myself and my girlfriend) are paying for and planning the party. So that called for a budget plan. Now, the bride means the world to me, so I wanted to make sure this party was in honor of her, the way she wanted it. We asked all the necessary questions:

1. What do you not want to do?
2. Where would you like to have it?
3. What dates work for you?
4. Who's invited?

We decided to have it at her mom's home because she had the most room to accommodate around 10-15 people. Next was sending out invitations. Since I love using photoshop, I decided to create a cute invite and print them on heavy card stock, 4x5 size. I wanted it to be personal and something people would get a kick out of.

decorations, I was a little sick of what stores like Lover's Lane had. Not everything has to scream
"Male Anatomy". So I found a cute idea from Martha Stewart. Paper flowers using paper lunch bags! I am just using the basic brown bags to save a little costs and adding glitter to dress them up.
Here are the instructions from marthastewart.com.

Now for the yummy part. Since there is only going to be near 10 people and the party will be after dinner time for most, we did not want to overwhelm people with food. Plus, I did not want to be in the kitchen all day and night getting things ready. We decided to grab a yummy assorted sandwich tray from Costco. The rest of the menu will be a dip with chips and fruit kabobs! I found this great idea from the thenest.com .

For the cake, I decided to do something different. I am not a huge fan of cake and find that others usually turn it down at parties like this. So why waste the money? This is where I thought about throwing in the "male anatomy". It will be a rice krispy treat cake using a naughty mold I picked up from Lover's Lane. Who doesn't love rice krispy treats???

As far as alcohol is concerned, there will be a few women preggos there. So, we did not want to make this a drinking party. One way to have fun, but not make it the main focus is a vodka watermelon or spiked punch. Both do not require a huge amount of alcohol, but still give you the liquior. Of course, cute labels will identify them so people know whats what.

Here is the budget broken down:
-Venue $0
- Decorations (paper bags, paper plates, cups, napkins, plastic ware, balloons) $30 (most supplies I already had at home)
- Food (sandwich tray, fruit, rice krispy ingredients) $50 (dip is being made by my mother)
- Cake Mold $10
- Card stock for invites $5
- Male Entertainment $140

Total = $235
Cost per person = $117.50

Not bad for two girls trying to throw a super fun party for a great person!

Pictures courtesy of thenest.com & marthastewart.com


Anonymous said...

What a sweet party! (Also, LOVE the cute invite!) That sounds like the *perfect* night with the girls to me!

Holly West said...

Thanks for the link to the paper flower tutorial. We are giving my grandma a mexican fiesta themed 80th birthday party and these flowers will be great in fiesta colors!