Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Year Later - Kitty

Can you believe Kitty has been in our home for almost one year?  You can read Kitty's story here.  If you have not, it has a happy ending :-).

She is the happiest Kitty in the world!  When I come home, she is running up the basement stairs to greet me.  When I am watching the Real Housewives or HGTV, she is there to keep me company.  Most of her days now are spent on the back of the couch, staring out the living room window. 

Since she is an all black cat, Clint and I were very excited to make her a "decoration" for Halloween!  Kitty is now sporting a Halloween bandana.  She was not too thrilled with it, but after 15 minutes, she could care less.

Even some of our decorations ressemble Kitty!



Our other two cats, Dora and DJ, do not seem to mind her.  Unless it comes to catnip time.  I have never seen a cat do what Kitty does. 

She will take the small pile of catnip and roll in it.  Sometimes she will do a double roll!  Dora and DJ are not amused.

Needless to say Kitty has been a blessing in our house hold.


the cape on the corner said...

such a wonderful story-i read the other post from last year, too. so glad you were able to take kitty in, and that she happily lives amongst you. so flippin' sweet!

LizzieBeth said...

Murphy used to roll around in catnip too. Strange animals.

Well happy anniversary to Kitty :)

Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

Oh how great! I'm so glad she's a happy girl with you!

Scientific Housewife said...

So cute! I wish I had a cat :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love cats! I love the "look" your cat is giving you after you put the bandana on her. So cute!

The Brick Cottage said...

Aww, I just read the back story on Kitty--you're awesome! Kitty's a cutie!

elizabeth said...

oh kitty is pretty special isn't she - I think all black cats are!!! so glad she has a home with you - shes beautiful

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

Kitty is adorable! I'm glad she has such a good home. :)