Monday, November 30, 2009

Work Kitty

I am so sorry that I haven't posted much lately.  The holiday kept me busy at work and home.  Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and Crazy Black Friday!

There has also been something else that has been occupying my brain.  I have a very adorable stray cat at my work.  I call her Kitty.  She has been coming around my building for about 8 months now.  At first, I was feeding her inside the plant that I work at and even brought in a litter box for her.  She was perfect about using it and didn't move from my stairway.  Then I got yelled at by the plant manager for feeding her.  So I had to kick her out.  She found a cozy spot outside where I started feeding her. 

Little did I know, she was preggers! She had the most adorable 3 little kittens. When they were 6 weeks old, I was able to pick them up and take them to a rescue, where I am happy to say, they are enjoying their new lives. I tried soon after that to get Kitty, but that didn't go so well. Lets just say, I got a nice scratch on my arm from her. So I just accepted the fact that she would have to stay outside at work.

In the past few months, she has been letting me pick her up and hold her.  Not for long, but she is starting to trusts me.  I have decided tomorrow to set up a live trap to catch her and get her right to the vet.  Clint and I have had many discussions about bringing her into our already animal filled home, but I just can't leave her here anymore.  The more cold it gets out, she starts to find ways of coming in the building.  I am a little scared that the plant manager will find out my secret and get mad again.  My biggest fear is taking her to the vet and finding out that I have to put her down.  She is just the sweetest kitty and I can tell she just wants some company.

Am I nuts here? 

Update: Kitty has been caught and she is living in our breeze way. She is so happy and that makes me happy! I thought she was going to be stressed and not come out. But she is loving her new home. We are waiting to introduce her to our other pets.


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Absolutely not! Taking her to the vet is such a wonderful thing to do. Now, taking her in yourself might not be the best idea if you already feel overwhelmed with animals - but a healthy cat will be easy for someone else to adopt. I would do the same thing!

LizzieBeth said...

JEGs and I saw a cat in the parking lot of an Applebee's last week. We stopped and discussed bringing it back to our apt. We finally decided that we just weren't ready to bring in another animal just yet.

So no, I don't think you're crazy. I would do the same exact thing.


Meg said...

I appreciate another animal lover. I'd hate to imagine her being stuck out in the cold too. You are not crazy at all! You're racking up good karma points.

Amanda said...

That is heart-breaking! I'm glad to hear that you're taking care of Kitty. I always feel such a sense of obligation when a stray cat or dog finds its way to me somehow. I think you're doing the right thing. Best of luck!

Danielle and Clint said...

Thanks for the encouraging words. I called our Vet yesterday and was told that not every animal comes to us for help. This one happened to and there is a reason why. I just started crying after that. lol. I know, I have a spot in my heart for helpless animals. But I swear, if I catch her, this is it! lol

elizabeth said...

what an awesome thing you did - i can't wait to hear updates on your new kitty -
I have 2 kittys - one I found at 4 weeks old by a dumpster behind the rest. I work at - she is now 5yrs old and a healthy loving cat -
we wanted company for her so I went to the cat rescue and adopted her a sister one month after we took in the first. It was one of the best things i have ever done.
thanks for saving a kittys life - post some pic's of her.

micah @ the yellow front door said...

Glad Kitty found a good home! Keep us posted!