Friday, January 29, 2010

Living Room Plan

My living room has the winter blahs.  Actually, it has been blah for a long time.  Poor Living Room...she has been neglected for too long. 

This is how she looks right now.

Not very exciting.  

Things I love about the room...
The ceilings

The doorways and wall color

The fireplace and hardwood floors

It needs a splash of color.  For months, we have been trying to find something to inspire us.  Then it happened! 

All the furniture in the room will have to stay.  I also love the mirror above the fireplace and the curtains.

So here is my first attempt at a mood board for the living room:

1. CB2 – Teardrop Diamond Hanging Vases - I plan to buy about 5 of these to hang above the area where the TV is.  Don't ask me how yet (suggestions?).  Bonus-This gives me an excuse to buy fresh flowers more often. :-)

2. Ikea - JONSBO ORÖD Table Lamp Base - I plan to put this lamp shade near the couch with the green lamp shade that is already on a lamp we have.

3. CB2 – Nash Floor Lamp - We really need a new floor lamp.  The one we have now is very cheap, small, and boring.  I have been hiding it behind our green chair.  The square shade is what drew us in to this one.

4. CB2 - Citrus Vases - As soon as we saw these vases, we knew we had to fit them in some how!  These would look great on our book shelves to the left of the TV.

5. Inhabit Living– Reef in Plum Pillow - I just love Inhabit Livings pillows!  They never let me down!  We already have 2 pillows from Inhabit Living on our sofa that usually go in the breeze way.  These should make the couch less boring!

6. cb2 - Hour/15 Minute Glasses - After we found the Citrus Vases, I knew I had to have the hour glass!  These will dress up the book shelves as well.

7. West Elm - Recycled-Glass Vases - I love, love, LOVE clear glass vases!  I am thinking of using the bud vases to line up on the book shelves with more fresh flowers. Maybe even on the fire place.

8. Crate and Barrel – Delano Tray - We have a small storage ottoman that we use to store blankets.  I thought setting the tray on top would give us an area to put magazines or books that we like to read out there.

9. Flor – Toe the Line Carpet Squares - Finally!  The piece that made it all possible!!  The idea of carpet squares for us, just works.  With 5 pets, cleaning and vacuuming becomes your life.  Being able to clean a square is more appealing than cleaning a whole rug.  I created this rug using the Design Your Flor tool on Flor.  It took me months, but it finally came together and gave me the color we so need in here.

 We love the idea of adding vintage with contempory elements.  Within the next few months, we hope to have the room put together and updated photographs! 


elizabeth said...

can't wait to see your finished room - i like the way it is now though - especially the mirror over the fire place - it's cool
have a good weekend !!1

Meg said...

Wait a I on Young House Love? I thought I was going to the Newlyweds Paradise!

The mood board is ab fab, darling. I also love mixing vintage with contemporary and I think you've done a great job capturing a fresh new look for a reasonable price.

I'm so excited for updates!

Danielle and Clint said...

hehe...Meg...I know! I almost stated that I stole the idea from Young House Love, but I am sure Sherry and John wouldn't mind!

Kristi W @ Life at the Chateau Whitman said...

Oooh I like all the vases and accents. I actually think your living room looks really polished and nice as it is, though a few pops of color would be cool too. The rug you picked out is great. I can't wait to see after pics. :)

Jen @ homeinthecountry said...

LOVE your wood floors - and the ceilings! Oh! Our house is totally missing out on charming little features like that!

Love the splash of color that you're going to add - it will look stunning!

Scientific Housewife said...

Sounds great, can't wait to see what it looks like!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I wish my 80's space had just one ounce of that character!

Have you thought about doing on of these:
? I've been in love with them, but don't think they quite fit with my house. If you used a fabric similar to the one in that pillow, it would make a big impact!

alanna rose said...

Love your ceilings and doorways, so much character :)

And I really like the glass topped table - where did you find it?

Fun mood board...have you ever been to Haberman's? It's in your neck of the woods and the best fabric store around. Poke around - you might find a fabric similar to the pillows, and you could save a bundle by making your own :)

Danielle and Clint said...

@ Alanna Rose...Thanks! I got the coffee table at Pier 1 for about $50 a year ago. I think they still have it there.

I have heard of Haberman's. I thought about looking around to see what I could find in fabric also. Thanks for the tip!