Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Recylced Before it was Cool

In fifth grade (1989-1990), I had join a group with my friends called Kids for Saving the Earth.  My friends and I promoted to the public how to save the planet by recylcing, reusing, and reducing items.  We even put on a play for our elementry school and held club meetings at our homes.  At that time, recylcing had not caught on yet.  I would try to convince my parents to scrub labels off of plastic bottles, bundle newspaper together, even to reuse plastic cups!  Many times, my parents would throw things away when I wasn't looking, but they would try to support me as much as they could. 

In sixth grade, we had moved to another town.  Therefore, I was not apart of the club anymore with my friends.  But, to my surprise, the city had curb side bins that people could throw their recylcables in!  I was thrilled with this and would pack the bins till the lid could not fit on them. 

In the past few years, recylcing has finally caught on.  The reason, people started realizing the money they could be saving with reusing, reducing, and recycling.  It is sad to see it took all this time for it to kick in, but I should not complain.  I guess I completed my mission. 

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