Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween/Fall Decorating

Over the weekend, Clint and myself finished putting up our holiday decorations inside and outside our home.  Thought you would like to take a peak!

Let me start off by telling you our family tradition of apple picking.  We go to the same apple orchard every year, Apple Charlies.  Below are a few pictures from the trip.  Of course afterwards, my mom made an awesome apple pie!

First picture is of Clint reaching with all his short might :-).  The middle picture is of my brother, his girlfriend, and my parents.

Of course, no trip would be complete without a trip to the Barn of Blood! 
So the reason I am telling you about our apple picking trip first is because we picked pumpkins there as well.  My family all decided to get with normal looking pumpkins.  Not me!  I found this little guy sitting all by himself and had to have him! My family thought I was nuts!  Why would I want a green pumpkin?!?!  Duh!  Because!  Look how incredibly cute it is next to Clint's on our front porch!

On to our house:

We put up a few gravestones, cornstalks, hail, spider web, and spider lights.

Go Blue!  Anways, back to decorating...
Inside, I love using our fireplace as a focal point in the room.

Next is our book shelves.  I do not over do it on the shelves because I hate clutter.  So just some fake leaves spread out is enough for me.

On our dining room table, I decided to use the corn from the corn stalks as a decoration, as well as some of our apples from apple picking.

So that is our house all falled out!  O I almost forgot!  Many years ago, I bought this very funny pillow that Clint thinks is evil.  You tell me what you think....


doahleigh said...

I went with my family to our "every year" orchard this weekend too. As long as it doesn't snow, I can accept Fall now.

jen said...

We did the orchard over the weekend, too. So fun! As for the pillow, it is cute, not evil. But I love the face Clint is making at the "evil" pillow. He looks nervous. Or like he might punch the pillow. Ha Ha!

TheClassy Woman said...

Danielle, I'm glad you liked my post on cupcake cuteness and thanks for stopping by! I really loved those adorable costumes too. If I have a girl one day I will definitely have to put her in a cupcake costume (if she is willing!) :)

It was great to see your decorating post. I actually just blogged about this a few hours ago:

I am just beginning my fall decorating myself! :)

Marcy Tate said...

Apple Charlies!!! I miss that place!! Go Blue all the way. Love your mantle. Clean and simple :)

LizzieBeth said...

Super cute, without being to kitchy!!

I saw the Michigan flag. As a member of a PennState family, I had to growl a little. Just so you know ;)

Cute blog ;)


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I love the way that corn pops on your table. Beautiful decorations!

Anonymous said...

Your house looks great and so festive! The only thing I'd change would be that blue-and-gold rag at the corner of the garage. (I'm a fellow BigTen fan/alum! ;-)) Your mums are beautiful!

Danielle and Clint said...

Hey now! That flag is all Clint. lol. I am not a huge college fan. More of a NHL fan. Go Wings!

Anonymous said...

cute! that pillow is funny! it looks sort of sweet, not evil :)

Nicole said...

love, love, love your fireplace! i miss having one and tend to drool over everyone else’s, especially around the holidays when they're all decked out with pretty holiday decorations (like yours is).