Monday, April 20, 2009

Hair Everywhere!

We have two crazy pooches named Fatty and Ox. Fatty is our 70lb Coonhound mix and Ox is our Bagle mix (mix between a Beagle and Basset Hound). Both are very high energy and became best buddies at first sight.

Along with our boys, we have two kitties, Dora (black and white) and DJ (striped).

They are truly our babies. But o boy the hair is everywhere!! Our couch has a cover on it at this moment and usually has a layer of hair on it per day. In our upstairs bedroom, we have hardwood floors. The clumps of hair are flying nightly. I must sweep daily and vacuum every other day. We tried brushing our pets more often, but that just seems to make it worse. I recently discovered a new product from Pledge called, Fabric Sweep. Works pretty well, but not on couch covers so much. Usually takes me about a half hour just to get the couch de-haired. I am always looking for new ideas to help my problem. If anyone has any advise, PLEASE don't be shy!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your blog through This Young House. Either way, I am a huge animal lover and a lover of all things black (furniture, materials, etc). Now, with that said, I have a calico that enjoys nothing more than spreading out all over my furniture all day long and shedding more than I thought was ever possible. After searching high and low for a pet hair removal trick, I finally gave in a bought the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum ( It is so great! It has a turbo attachment thingy that sucks up all the hair. I use this attachment on my sofa and on my bed. I had black bedding not to long ago and it was covered in a layer of pet hair. Not the case anymore!

It’s a great vacuum for pet hair, lots of attachments and works well just for your average vacuuming (carpet and hardwood). All in all, it’s well worth the money. Hope this helps!

Susie Mae said...

Found your blog through my sister's blog. We have a precious little baby at home who also sheds an awful lot and for tricky surfaces (such as cloth upholstery in cars, etc) you can wrap duct tape sticky side out around your hand and use it as a mitten/lint brush like device and the hair comes up pretty easily.
So many uses for duct tape!
And your fur children are adorable, gotta love mutts!

Kate said...

Your pets are so cute! I wish we could have cats but our dogs are decidedly against the idea. Maybe someday!