Thursday, January 7, 2010

Update: Laundry Room

I know it has been awhile since I have talked about the laundry room remodel.  December set me back a little.  But, I have been working on it when I have the time.  Let me fill you in a little...

Clint put up an ironing board organizer that holds our iron and the board.

And he also hung a mop and broom holder.

The mop and broom holder was installed under our staircase.  Out of sight, out of mind.

I also found a great organizer for unused shopping bags!

I had bought a few baskets from Ikea and decided to spray paint them white, to give them a softer look.

Still not sure what I am going to put in them, but I will figure it out.

  As far as painting, I used an oil based white paint (left in our basement by the old owners...score!) on the cinder block walls.  The walls now look more clean and bright.  There are three shelves next to the sink that I decided to paint.  As you can see, I am still in the process of finishing them.

For accessories, I stopped in a local Joann Fabric store that is closing and found these adorable pictures to set on the shelves, 40% off!

I still need to buy frames for them.  I thought the hot and cold was cute for a laundry area.

I apologize for the dark pictures.  One other item on our list is to purchase new fluorescent light blubs.  Most of ours are burned out and I keep forgetting to pick up new ones at Home Depot.

So there you have it!!


Scientific Housewife said...

Looks great, my laundry room is just a small closet space under the stairs so I don't have much room to work on.

LizzieBeth said...

It's really starting to come together Danielle! I'm sure you can find a place for the white baskets- how about keeping your cleaning products in them??


Danielle and Clint said...

I thought about that or dry sheets in the basket. Once I start putting the room back together, I am sure I will find a use.

Jen @ homeinthecountry said...

I like your stripes! And those pictures are ridiculously cool and perfect for a laundry room!

elizabeth said...

I love those pictures -
need to check out my Joann & see if they have any
they are perfect!!

Meg said...

I love all of those accessories. The pictures are truly perfect, the baskets look great, and the bag organizer is really cute. I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Cute ideas. You should consider adding a clothes drying rack or an outside clothes line to your laundry options. This will save you 6-8% on your utilities and it will help save the planet for future generations.